Rewind Pictures was formed out of a chance meeting between Andrea and Florence who met working on the critically acclaimed biographical documentary feature film, Toots, in New York.

Andrea grew up listening to her parents’ stories of life in Czechoslovakia, surviving the Holocaust and of immigrating to the United States. Through these tales, she found her own love for storytelling and the importance of preserving one’s heritage. A New York University graduate, she draws experience from ten years in the television and documentary film production. 

Florence attended School of Visual Arts for Film and Video and has worked on groundbreaking independent films such as Jonathan Caouette’s Tarnation, Everything’s Cool, and Julian Schnabel’s Lou Reed’s Berlin

After collaborating on numerous family preservation and tribute film they came to find that they both have a passion to document remarkable stories like yours. Working with a team of talented filmmakers and editors, Andrea and Florence bring their own complimentary talents and unique perspective to help their clients honor and pay tribute to the important people and events in their lives.