We love to think outside of the box for our bar/bat mitzvah clients! Want to be a movie star or rock star? Show your comic side? We are up to the challenge of making your moviemaking dreams come true! Want to stay more traditional? We can guarantee a montage or film that is elegant, unique and sure to be entertaining! Here are some of the adventures we have taken with our clients thus far... yours is next!

Bar Mitzvah Tribute Film: Sasha, 12 mins

Sasha's family wanted to help pay tribute to Sasha on his big day! Each member mailed in a personal video message and we incorporated them into an elaborate photo and home video montage.


 Behind The Music Bar Mitzvah Spoof + Bar Mitzvah Rock Music Video: Jason, 9 mins.

Our Bar Mitzvah boy channeled his inner rock star in this fun Bar Mitzvah film.A rock star since birth, Jason's parents accumulated hours of archival home video spanning his life. What to do with these treasures? Add a little sense of humor and you've got a Behind The Music spoof video that celebrates his journey to adulthood while also providing a lighthearted, comical mood to his big day. 

The cherry on top is a really cool cover of "Surrender" showing off Jason's hot moves with help from his friends as well as spreading a very important Mitzvah project message.

Bat Mitzvah Music Video: Elizabeth, 5 mins.

Elizabeth was inspired by Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture and the theme of "love in the arts" for her big day. We developed and produced a music video that incorporates two of Elizabeth's faves (and ours too)-music and film! We filmed on a beautiful NYC day in HD and had loads of fun expressing Elizabeth's message.

Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting Film: Emily, 14 mins.

A Rewind Pictures original concept. Combine the candle lighting ceremony and the Bat Mitzvah film into one beautiful moment at your celebration. Contact us for more details.

Bat Mitzvah Montage + Video Messages: Amanda, 10 mins.

Sometimes your montage just needs that little extra something to make it stand out for your big event! With today's technology, home filmmaking is possible! Why not add some personal messages amongst all of your most precious photos and home video?

B'nai Mitzvah Tribute Film: Alex & Olivia, 12 mins.

When Olivia and Alex, twins of one of favorite clients, were ready to mount the bimah for their B'nai Mitzvah in New York City, we knew we had to do something special.

We decided to play off the theme of "Yin Yang" chosen for their celebration: from the same womb, but very different. On a shoot day in their home, we polled their friends and family with questions illustrating their unique characteristics and personalities. We then combined footage from that day along with their precious home video and archival photos.