Organizations, Benefits & Galas

Skip all of the speeches and honor a special milestone or person at your organization with a tailor-made film. Show it at an annual gala or fundraiser, post it on your website or distribute the DVD as a unique, personal introduction to your organization.

Gala Tribute Film: TNG, 5 mins.

This theater company came to us seeking a fundraising film honoring award recipient Ethan Hawke for his contribution to NY theater.

25th Anniversary Non-Profit Film: Elysium, 20 min  

On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, this non-profit organization decided to highlight their accomplishments with a tribute film that informed and honored important contributers. It premiered at their annual gala and continues to serve as an important informational tool about the organization.


Non-Profit Fundraising Film: Housecall Program, 20 mins.

The Housecall Program wanted a cutting edge, informative and visual way to inform potential donors of the magical work they do on a daily basis.