The best part of any wedding is the love story leading up to it. We capture the love story behind the special couple in a myriad of different ways. Want to create your own mini-documentary love story and show it at your wedding? Want to give the gift of a film and have the wedding party narrate the couple's story interjected with words of advice? Want to create a photo montage that injects humor and emotion on the eve of the couple's big day? Tell us a little about the lovebirds and we can create a film that is sure to be an unforgettable and touching addition to the wedding festivities and for generations to come.

Wedding Journey LOVE STORY Film: Team Moo-Hark, 15 mins.

Team Moo-Hark decided to fulfill 2 dreams at the same time-complete the Ironman Triathlon and get married at the finish line! Rewind Pictures documented their journey. The film was presented at the wedding celebration a week after the 2010 Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid, NY. Also known as Team Moo-Hark day.

LOVE STORY Film: Andrea & Tamas, 20 min

The couple invited their family and loved ones to narrate their love story and give them sage advice leading up to the big day. Rewind Pictures combined the highlights of these interviews with their archival photos and personalized music choices. The film premiered at their rehearsal dinner party on the eve of their wedding day.

Wedding LOVE STORY montage: Molly & Andrew, 9 mins.

A step above your typical wedding photo montage! Once we learned of Molly & Andrew's sweet love story, we decided to use the theme of travel in their relationship to help tell their story visually.